Franchisee Advisory Board

“The success of DTDC lies in its franchisees.
The success of franchisees, lie totally in transparent and ethical management”.

Since its inception, DTDC has never deviated from the development of franchisees and that remains its biggest strength till date. For the last 22 years, our management, unlike any other franchisor, has worked with firm belief on principles of transparency and honest business ethics to drive consistent growth of its franchisee. Our values have laid the foundation of our collaborative success with our franchisee and we are proud of the exemplary bond of trust that we share with them.

Our management has given highest prority to our franchisees and has recognized their efforts and contribution various ways. Successful franchisees were welcomed as Chairman Club Members(CCM) in the beginning. Together the group played a vital role in driving the company’s growth and as the name indicates, directly reported to the Chairman of the organization.

The steady enhancement in our franchisee strength through the length and breadth of India needed more than CCM, and it was necessary that the franchisees participated in our daily operation. This led to the concept of “Management by Participation”. Following a phase of deliberation and representations, our Board of Directors took another revolutionary decision of building the Franchise Advisory Board(FAB) on April 18, 2009.

The main objectives of the FAB are to:

  1. Promote management by participation
  2. Mentor small and new franchisees and help them grow
  3. Operation thrust..... Make DTDC the best service providing company
  4. Implement company policies and align franchisees to the common vision
  5. Create brand awareness
  6. Bridge the communication gap between the franchisees and the management
  7. Stop revenue leakage by discouraging franchisee from diverting the business to the competition
  8. Study market trends and competitors strategy and design our policies/strategies
  9. Strengthen the business model and emerge as a powerful franchise organization

Our Franchise Advisory Boards (FAB) are of two kinds depending upon the geographical issues they handle

  1. Regional Franchisee Advisory Board(RFAB)
  2. National Franchisee Advisory Board(NFAB)

In each region we have RFABs and NFABs. The RFABs represent regional issues to the management, while the NFAB represents National level issues. All FAB operations are systematically and closely monitored at all levels. Since its inception, the Board has not only improved relationships within our collaborative model, but has also helped our brand visibility in the logistics market, driving new business. The FABs are selected by the Chairman himself after series of discussions, reviews of their conduct and discipline. Each FAB retires after a two-year tenure or given an extension based on their performance and contribution. Our current FABs (2011-2013) are 184 in number and represent every region and zone.

CMD’s Message to FAB Members

"With the Franchisee Advisory Board in place, we are as happy today as we were on the first day of the foundation of DTDC, and as we were when we had appointed the first franchisee of DTDC.

I appealed to all the FAB members to follow the path I have shown and join me to serve the society and the larger franchisee community irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and the financial status.