Strategic Intent & Core Values

Strategic Intent

DTDC’s current strategy in keeping with its Mission 1000 and Vision 2020 is to consolidate its current position and constantly introduce new services and products that are relevant to the needs of our consumers. We are not satisfied with just being the largest delivery network in the country. We wish to go deeper and triple our network within the country. To face competition, DTDC is heavily investing in technology, infrastructure, brand development and network expansion. A three year program that started last year, involves an investment of over Rs. 25 crores in brand building and a complete upgrade and standardization of all DTDC outlets.

In the last 26 years, DTDC has seen an exponential growth in its Express business and has become a leading brand and a household name in the country. DTDC’s road map for growth aspires toward a Rs. 5000-crore company from the present level by 2020. To achieve this, different SBUs have been formed with clear focus on their respective functions. Every SBU will add more value-added products for the growing needs of the Indian corporate and retail consumers.

  • The Domestic Division as an SBU will remain as the mainstay with all its value-added products. More innovative products will be launched periodically. In addition to our current formidable reach, expansion of branches and franchisee network in all districts and talukas (administrative division in some South Asian countries, including India and applicable to the suburbs or rural areas) of ‘B’ and ‘C’ category cities is a strategic direction. The plan is being systematically executed to reach the targeted figure of 20,000 franchises in India in 2020.

  • DTDC understands that in the next ten years the lives of people are going to be different with more access to money but less time to spare for themselves and their family. Consumers will, therefore, look for service providers who can help them do more in life in the same amount of time. Only the organized sector can provide all such inclusive services under one roof backed up by an extensive and dependable network coupled with speed of delivery – that is where DTDC with its unique strengths provides reliable solutions. DTDC, through its Retail Division SBU is opening Service Super Malls through which various services and products will be extended to customers to help them save and make time for their families and themselves. Our vision is to make life easy for people in the years to come. Consequently, retail outlets are being expanded aggressively and over 60 Multi Service Stores have been opened so far under the brand name ‘DTDC New World’. DTDC plans to open over 500 such stores in strategic locations in the next 3 – 4 years in different parts of the country.

  • International Division as an SBU will strategically focus on in-bound shipments from all over the world through DTDC’s own offices abroad, international franchises, JVs and associates and effectively distribute through its own network in India. For this purpose, new international franchisees are being aggressively appointed in major countries of the world. DTDC has plans of major acquisitions for inorganic growth. The company has set up 50:50 JV in Singapore and Hong Kong with Donald Tay, ex CEO and President of DPEX, a subsidiary of Qantas Airlines, and a JV in Dubai.

  • Supply Chain Solutions has been identified as another SBU and a growth driver. Plans are underway to expand new routes through continuous research. A large number of SCS offices have already been opened across India. This SBU is being run by experienced people and continuous training is being imparted to improve their efficiency.

  • Freight Forwarding SBU is another area of growth. Key people from the industry have been recruited to spearhead this vertical.

  • DTDC Institute of Supply Chain Management (DISCM) concentrates on Training and Development of not only internal staff but also anyone who would like to be trained in the Supply Chain and Logistics space. It is affiliated to CILT, India (The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport), which in turn is affiliated with CILT, London. DTDC Institute is the only accredited institute in the country which is authorized to confer certificate of CILT, London. Producing trained manpower in logistics and making them available will be DTDC’s contribution to the growth of Logistics and Supply chain in India.


Core Values

DTDC aims to create strong relationships with all its stakeholders, by abiding to its values of:

  • Transparency in all transactions
  • Understanding that our service efficiency is a part of customers’ balance sheet
  • Protecting the environment by minimizing pollution and reducing national wastage