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DTDC TestimonialsIt was a great pleasure to meet you on my visit to DTDC Institute of Supply Chain Management on the 22nd of November 2011. Thank you for giving me the honor to present the certificates to your students. I am very impressed by the far sightedness of DTDC to set up your own Institute for your employees. I did mention to Lt General Kalra that CILT would have no problem with the CILT courses at DTDC including more examples from the Courier sector which is of greatest importance to DTDC. I wish DTDC every success in your goal to grow to become a $1Billion company which by having Education as one of your foundations you are well on the way to achieving.DTDC Testimonials - Colm Holmes, Interim Secretary General, CILT International

DTDC TestimonialsThis is to appreciate DTDC from our company, we are glad to say that DTDC is growing and taking care of cases seriously. This is not only DTDC achievement for giving prompt & immediate reply in special cases. To be honor we are giving special thanks to you. You made us to trust DTDC for further to give more business.DTDC Testimonials - Tulsiram, Intercraft Trading Pvt. Ltd

DTDC TestimonialsThanks for great support and good coordination with your DTDC team to deliver my consignment D05159705. My consignment was stuck up at Bangalore DTDC branch and nobody replied to me to clear the same but Mumbai ‘s good follow up with Bangalore branch finally resulted in delivered of consignment in good condition at destination.DTDC Testimonials - Vishal Rana, Low Voltage Breaker & Switches

DTDC TestimonialsThis is to place a record, our Sincere Appreciation and Profound Happiness with the services and support extended by DTDC.DTDC Testimonials - Natarajan, Quick Silver Pvt. Ltd

DTDC TestimonialsSpecial thanks to DTDC team for continuous support to achieved 2nd winner prize for Kolkata warehouse from EPSON … EPSON is looking 500crores business. In this year hope DTDC’s more support to our Kolkata warehouse.DTDC Testimonials - Debabrata Ganguly, Epson I Pvt. Ltd

DTDC TestimonialsMany thanks for DTDC’s valuable support for on time pick up and delivery of stocks to our different stores of East. And also for close follow up, on time MIS report, for delivering & picking up stocks till late evening from our warehouse. We also got valuable support from Jharkhand, Raipur, Assam & Orissa DTDC team. Thank you very much. Your team work helped us a lot to run the promo successfully in Eastern Zone. MANY THANKS ONCE AGAIN.DTDC Testimonials - Sudipta Bhattacharya, Future Axiom Telecom (Pantaloon)

DTDC TestimonialsThanks for the great support so far…looking forward to a great year ahead.DTDC Testimonials - Kaushik Mitra, Dish TV India Ltd

DTDC TestimonialsWe are pleased with the services and feedbacks rendered by DTDC customer care team to the queries sent. Keep up the good job.DTDC Testimonials - Clifford Thomas, Apeejay Group

DTDC TestimonialsThank you for your efforts. I was very upset when I wrote this e-mail. But I must say that DTDC customer care call completely calmed me down. I have used DTDC on various occasions in the past and have never faced any issues, so I am sure this is an isolated incident and also hoping will not happen again. DTDC’s customer care teams prompt action and polite words have restored my confidence in DTDC. Thank You for getting this sorted out. I truly appreciate your help on this. Thanks once again DTDC customer care team for your kind attention and support.DTDC TestimonialsDolly Arora, Bank of America

DTDC TestimonialsThanks for the support, DTDC team have done great job yesterday. Because of your efforts, we are able to receive all the consignments and able to conduct the Event, which is prestigious for IGATE Patni Company. Keep up the good work and special thanks to Delhi and Noida DTDC team as well.DTDC Testimonials - N Murali, IGATE Patni Company

DTDC TestimonialsThank you for your call today. I was very upset when I wrote that e-mail in the morning. But I must say that your call completely calmed me down. I have used DTDC on various occasions in the past, and have never faced any issues, so I am sure this is an isolated incident. Your prompt action and polite words have restored my faith in DTDC. Thank you once again for getting this sorted out. I truly appreciate your help on this!DTDC TestimonialsManoj Nayak, Bank Of America

DTDC TestimonialsLet me say thanks to DTDC team for the great co-ordination and wonderful support given here to deliver the part in NBD from Chennai to Panipat. Especial thanks Delhi DTDC team for arranging the special part delivery from Delhi to Panipat! This incident has increased my confidence in DTDC and his services extended to HP!DTDC Testimonials  - Sanjit Kumar, HP GSC Bangalore

DTDC TestimonialsThank you so much for your help and as you know I have made it a point that all my colleagues use the DTDC services. This year also we have started with a package to Bangalore with voucher no. V04548372 on 15 Jan and the latest being V04384949 to Mumbai dated 28 Mar. And this will continue. All this trust happened with your competent guidance and desk to desk promise of DTDC. We truly appreciate your efforts and competency. Thank you once again.DTDC Testimonials - Shailaja Naidu, IHQ (Navy).

DTDC TestimonialsIn our association of more than 10 years with DTDC, by large Sales and Service together with Customer care follow up of DTDC are satisfactory.  There are stray issues and considering the volume of business that Numeric offers, they can be considered as minimum. We are happy with the performance of DTDC and we highly appreciate the efforts taken to deliver our consignments to various destinations across the Country with your wide network and also solve the issues on priority basis. We wish you success in the years to come in all your endeavors.DTDC Testimonials - K.Venkataramanan, Numeric HO Store

 DTDC TestimonialsWe have given applause to DTDC customer care team. We have taken this opportunity with great pleasure in informing you, that your customer care team has provided an excellency in all our BUSSINESS ENDEAVOURS successfully. We also appreciate and congratulate DTDC customer care team for the sincere and timely feedback. Keep up this spirit and renew yourself extraordinarily in the near future. Thanking you for the full support and services that you have provided to ROYAL IMAGES DIRECTMARKETING.DTDC Testimonials - J.Robinson, Accentiv

DTDC TestimonialsWe have been enjoying DTDC services for the past 2 years in Chennai. We wish to place on record our sincere appreciation and happiness with your services and good support extended by your organizations in these years and expecting same co-operation in future.DTDC Testimonials - L Ramesh, India Infoline Ltd

DTDC Testimonials Thank you for your timely help. GOOD JOB DTDC.”DTDC Testimonials - T Murali

DTDC TestimonialsWe had been doing business with DTDC since 3 years. We have been facing lot of issues with their services. In spite of it there is a bondage which makes us do business with DTDC and all the credit goes to the customer care and sales team who render their support to us. With the kind of approach and responses you had shown, the graphical representation of our issues are sliding down. We wish to have your immediate responses in the future for all our queries with the same speed as you are providing us now. Good job!!DTDC Testimonials - Saidha, Water Today

 DTDC TestimonialsThis to appreciate your service & thanking DTDC team for the kind co-operation. My consignment "M63486644" which was sent by your reputed organization I was unable to track it on system due to missing checkpoint & no update. It was consignee self collection consignment for which the data in system was ambiguous I was worried because it was a very precious feeling getData()t for my fiancée & which was missing then. In communication with customer care team in Mumbai, they co-operated with me very politely & took the initiative to find out my shipment on priority. DTDC Bangalore office had done there level best to find out my consignment, Mumbai team had conducted manual warehouse search & the first call received about my consignment that the parcel is with Bangalore DTDC office & it will be forwarded to the destination shortly. I want to thank entire DTDC Team, Especially to Bangalore & Mumbai team from the bottom of my heart for working so hard to track my consignment. Appreciate & congratulate DTDC for having such influential staff. Hope this trust will always remain with all your customers. Once again thanks a lot.DTDC Testimonials - Haresh Vaingankar, DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.

DTDC TestimonialsI appreciate the response from DTDC. The issue has been resolved and the item delivered successfully to the intended recipient. I am very grateful to DTDC and thank you so much for addressing the issue on priority.DTDC TestimonialsSanjeev

DTDC TestimonialsIt has been really wonderful that you have understood the sensitivity of the complaint & took it seriously and also given a remarkable service that really gained my faith once again on DTDC. My heartfelt appreciation to DTDC and please maintain the same kind of service.DTDC TestimonialsRajan

DTDC TestimonialsThe document was safely delivered by DTDC to the resort reception. The gap occured because Disha's room was changed at the resort. After following up with resort reception, Disha has now received the document. Thanks for looking into the matter. I appreciate the good service of DTDC.DTDC TestimonialsReuben Ezekiel

DTDC TestimonialsI had a wrong opinion that DTDC courier is totally lost & will never be deliver the consignment to the Consignee. But my assumption went wrong. I really thank you for your prompt & highly valuable service.” - Anandkumar P

DTDC TestimonialsI am taking time to write this email to you because of the excellent service received from DTDC team. I have never seen a service like this from a courier company. Please pass on my Thanks to DTDC team who has help me out.DTDC Testimonials - Sazeed Parvej

DTDC TestimonialsThank you for notifying me about the delivery status of the package containing Citibank Debit card. It has been received by my family in Bangalore. Appreciate the support extended by DTDC!DTDC Testimonials- Ishwinder Singh

DTDC TestimonialsThank you very much for your support and help in resolving my issue. I wish all the best to DTDC and keep up your GOOD service.DTDC Testimonials - Harshad Patki 

DTDC TestimonialsI would like to sincerely thank you for your prompt reply and action, I am in no hurry to get the consignment but to receive it at my mentioned address is imp. And yes there is no reason to loose faith in DTDC ever. Thanking you and your team once again.DTDC Testimonials - Saurabhh Kumar

DTDC TestimonialsHearty thanks for DTDC’s immediate reply. Our New Delhi friend Mr. V.S. Mehta is in receipt of the consignment B69074438. He confirmed it to me by telephone and e-mail this afternoon. The people at 52/116 Chittaranjan Park. New Delhi 110019 took delivery of it.  They were kind enough to hand over the consignment to Mr. V.S. Mehta. Thanks once again for DTDC’s excellent service.DTDC TestimonialsSathyam Setlur R