Success Stories

DTDC has carved a niche for itself in the market as a company that 'Builds Life' by creating job prospects for thousands along with entrepreneurial opportunities for many more. Today, DTDC has more than 10500 channel partners across India, and more than 80 percent of these franchises are run by first-time businessmen, who are often under-graduates and from under-privileged backgrounds.

DTDC has helped shape many rags-to-riches stories, and given an opportunity to achieve success to those in need. Careful nurturing and handholding have created numerous success stories, which in turn are inspirations for like-minded individuals looking to apply their entrepreneurial abilities to accomplish success.

Naiku Sagre: A Middle Class Millionaire

DTDC franchisee owner in Thane and Kharghar, Naiku was a typical middle class man, but had dreams of making it big one day. He started working for DTDC in 2000, and today is the proud owner of two DTDC franchises.

"If not for DTDC, I would have been doing a 9 to 5 job and whiling away time daydreaming. Today, I am a proud entrepreneur. Thank you DTDC, for realizing the dreams of thousands like me and making us stand out amongst the millions who are simply daydreamers."

Wilfred Pereira: A Taxi Driver to Multimillionaire

The proud owner of three DTDC franchises, Wilfred used to work in a travel company that supplied tourist taxis for Reliance. It all changed when he was on duty for transporting a certain Mr. Bhatnagar, General Manager at Reliance and a DTDC franchise owner. Mr. Bhatnagar offered Wilfred a job as a manager in the Vashi DTDC franchise. Soon, he came to know about the opening of a franchise at Nerul and he jumped at the opportunity. The rest is history.

"Today, I am an owner of three franchises and planning to add a few more. I am a proud DTDCian and a multimillionaire. I thank God and DTDC for giving this shy boy the opportunity to lead life with dignity. I am proud to say that today I am capable of shaping the career of the needy and the underprivileged in the society, but not without the support of DTDC."

Girish & Soniya Dhumal: Rising from the Ashes like a Phoenix

Like many middle class families, Girish and Soniya Dhumal grew up in difficult conditions. Many years ago, Girish was a delivery boy in Kalamboli near Panvel. However, Girish was hard-working, and in 1999, his efforts paid off. The owner decided to handover the franchise, as it was difficult for him to manage the show from Mumbai. And then, one day, Girish heard DTDC's CMD address a gathering at Hotel Avenue. Later, he also had the opportunity to meet him, and it marked the turning point in his life. In 2001, his sister, Soniya joined his business. Since then, there has been no looking back.

"DTDC gave me a new life and a new identity. I wish more and more people join DTDC and help develop our society. Mine is an ashes-to-success story. Thank God for this shelter called DTDC."

Sudipta Mallik: DTDC gave me sight

A typical housewife, Sudipta was in dire straits when her husband and the only earning member of the family lost his eyesight. Then one day, a friend informed her about DTDC and took her to the nearest DTDC office. Sudipta applied for a DTDC franchise. With no knowledge about the business, Sudipta owes her success to the careful handholding and nurturing, along with the flexibility shown by DTDC.

"My journey with DTDC will continue but to summarize it, my husband lost two eyes, but DTDC not only gave eyes but also thousands of DTDC hands that came forward to help us. We are a happy family. Thank you DTDC."

Shiv Sharma: Building on the ashes of the Pokhran blast

The Pokhran blast left Shiv, an exporter to the US, financially crippled, till he heard DTDC CMD's speech and was inspired to set up a DTDC franchise. Today, he has the coveted CCM membership and has won many awards - from Best Franchisee to Highest Transshipment Franchisee in the region.

"My mantra for success is to follow the path shown by our CMD and be with the company at all times. I have made mistakes. However, whenever such a situation arose, I didn't hesitate to seek our CMD's advice and take the required action. I have dedicated myself to DTDC and throughout my life I will be a DTDCian. It is my identity and in our CMD, I found a great leader and a superb human being."

Mrs. Santosh Tewari: I live because of DTDC

Mrs. Tewari's husband ran a DTDC franchisee in Baharaichi, a small border town in Uttar Pradesh. However, in 2009, he met with a fatal accident and Mrs. Tewari was forced to take the plunge and take up the responsibility of the franchise. It was an uphill task and there were many challenges to overcome. However, with DTDC's constant support, she overcame all the hurdles and established herself as a successful business woman.

"DTDC gave me strength to face the reality of life. Today, I command respect in the society, among relatives and family. I am independent and can live with head held high. All these have been possible because of DTDC. Without DTDC, I really don't know what would happen to me and my two children."

Shailendra & Ritu Chaturvedi: A Family Affair

In 1997, Shailendra left a lucrative job to start his own business. Things were not going well for him till he met DTDC's DGM, Mr. Ganguly who convinced him to take up a DTDC franchise. Shailendra hails from a joint family, and he along with his two brothers and wife together own three DTDC franchises in Dehradun.

"Ever since we have been associated with DTDC, we have not faced any difficulty and we never looked back. DTDC gave our family everything- name, fame, social status, and money. We can afford to live a respectable and happy life because of DTDC. Thanks to DTDC, we can even afford a luxurious life, which is a distant dream for millions of Indians."

Mrs. Poonam Wallia: Living life with Dignity

Mrs. Wallia's husband used to run a successful DTDC franchise in Lucknow, after Dunlop pulled down the shutters in 2001. However, his untimely death changed everything. Mrs. Poonam Wallia rose to the occasion and took over the reins of the franchise. There were challenges, but she was determined to realize the dreams of her late husband. Today, she runs a successful franchise and lives a life of dignity, thanks to DTDC.

"I would like to pay my special personal regards to Honorable CMD Sir, the Guru for planting a huge tree under which thousands of people are taking shelter and eating its fruits as well. I pray to God for the good future of DTDC. It is because of DTDC, hundreds of women like me are leading a life of dignity and pride."

Ajay & Tasneem: Story of Their Love and Struggle

Ajay & Tasneem started their career with DTDC in 2006, as franchises of Mahape, Navi Mumbai. Before DTDC, they were working with Logistics Company - Ajay as an Assistant Manager Logistics and Tasneem as an Assistant Manager CSS. However, they wanted to be independent and do their own business – so they decided to take up a DTDC franchise. There were a lot of hardships; however, due to constant support and guidance from DTDC and its beloved CMD, today, Ajay and Tasneem are successful in every sense of the word.

"We have a car, a beautiful house, a daughter and a happy family of 5000 franchisees and friends. We along with the caring seniors, the father and mentor CMD can see the next generation of DTDC through the eyes of Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, the New Age leader."

Sumanth Kumar: Journey to being a Role Model

Sumanth started his career in 1988 in a company at Bangalore with a meagre salary of Rs. 400 per month. In 1989, with fire in his belly and a desire to achieve something in life on his own, he took a crucial decision and opened a DTDC franchise at Avenue Road in Bangalore. Since then, he has never looked back. While he is regarded as a role-model franchisee within DTDC community, he believes he owes his success to the respected CMD of DTDC and the company’s pro-franchisee policies.

“It has been more than 23 years with DTDC and I can proudly say that an ordinary village boy today manages the monthly turnover up to Rs. ten millions and more.”

Nirmal Malpani: From family business to entrepreneurship

Nirmal started his DTDC franchise as a young CA graduate assisting in his family business of real estate, in 1998. With an invincible entrepreneurial streak, Nirmal began with minimal infrastructure and one staff member. However, with his single-minded dedication, learning from experiences and above all, his association with CMD sir, he has achieved great success and is one of the most dynamic channel partners of DTDC across the country.

“It will not be an exaggeration of fact, if we call DTDC a unique Life Insurance Company, where franchisees are required to pay one-time “Premium” and receive “Life time dividend”.

Beena Cheriyan: Ray of Hope

Having held the reins of the DTDC franchise owned by her late husband Mr. Ashok Cheriyan, in 2010, Mrs. Beena Cheriyan has learnt the ropes of the business as well as regained the confidence of running it successfully. She attributes her achievement to the support extended by DTDC and specifically to respected CMD Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty whose guidance helped her immensely.

“My experience with DTDC has taught me that if you work sincerely and with dedication, your family enjoys the goodwill and that your goodwill is the biggest wealth you can pass on to the next generation.”

Alpit Gor: Unconventional Choices

A law graduate by qualification and at the crossroads of his career, Alpit was advised by his father, an official with the Gujarat Government, to choose wisely. He chose to join the Logistics business with DTDC. Though his choice surprised many at the time, he regrets nothing today and his family has benefited immensely from his decision. Today, he owns four franchises in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda and Vapi each and has also ventured abroad with an international franchise in Canada. He has earned respect from his peers and colleagues, and thanks his father for his timely advice.

“I find my career challenging and like in the court, where every case needs new performance, here in courier, every document is a new performance.”

Avinash Kamble

Coming from a humble background, Avinash Kamble began his career as a delivery boy in DTDC. As he learnt and grew interested in the business, he approached the management to start his own franchise in 1995. Having seen his enthusiasm and determination, his request was approved by the management. His hard work and sincerity paid off, and today he owns the super franchise in Aurangabad, a master franchise in Pune and four other franchises with an annual turnover of over Rs. 1 cr. He believes that the opportunity DTDC and his mentor, the CMD, gave him helped him build his career and the future of his family, as well as earned him social and financial security.

“My life has changed by 360 degrees. DTDC has welcomed and accommodated me with open arms.”