Training and Development

DTDC's unique franchisee-based model lies at the heart of its success; and a robust Training & Development programme underpins this success. As soon as a franchisee joins, he/she undergoes an induction programme, where he/she is given an overview of all the facets of running a franchise. DTDC provides a welcome kit to a franchisee, which includes all the critical equipment and material needed to start the business. Plus, a special incubation cell is created to guide the franchisee on a daily basis especially, during the initial few weeks. DTDC also organises training on various operational subjects for the franchisee's field staff through its branch offices. Periodic product training and knowledge sharing is encouraged through one-on-one interaction, meetings and online modules. Franchisees can also access the latest information through the franchisee intranet.

Additional support given by DTDC includes:

  • System & procedures, which can be taught, replicated and delivered profitably.
  • Access to continuous research and new product development
  • IT support
  • Marketing and Promotional advice
  • Management and Business planning
  • Strong Operational support
  • Standard Uniform Policy.

At DTDC we believe in continuous training and development throughout the life cycle of the franchisee(Channel Partner).Some of the recent initiatives towards this include:

Channel Partner Induction Program

Each and every channel partner that joins the DTDC family will go through a 2 day induction program where they will be able to learn about the Vision, Mission and History of DTDC. Along with this the new channel partner will get trained on the operational, managerial and financial aspects of the business.

Incubation Help Desk(IHD)

The Incubation Help Desk will address all administrative queries of the newly inducted CP to enable him to play smoothly the role of a partner of DTDC, allowing him to focus completely on his business thus creating a win-win relationship in the process. The IHD is a single window solution, utilizing a Query resolution platform to coordinate between all different departments in order to ensure the support for the CP.

Continuous Learning and Development

Through the Train the Trainer program (TTT) launched in April of 2016 we will provide continuous training to all DTDC channel partners.

In addition to this, DTDC founded the DISCM to cater to the growing needs of training as well as the need to keep the franchisee community abreast of the latest technology and knowledge in the express and logistics space. For more information, visit the DISCM webpage.