CSR Initiatives

CSRCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than a priority at DTDC - it is integrally woven into the cultural fabric of the organization. Social responsibilities are integrated into DTDC’s daily work and are at the heart of its unique business model.

Here is a list of some of our CSR initiatives:

  • SSC Foundation:

    DTDC has been actively involved in CSR activities since its inception. Its CSR is as unique as its business model. We believe that the best way to help society is to make its people self-reliant and in the last 22 years we have helped more than 5400 families become self reliant. Apart from serving the society through its franchisee development program, DTDC is also engaged in various socio- economic activities. This includes activities like flood relief campaigns, education and child development programs. However, the board wished to reach out to more underprivileged people and extend its philanthropic touch to people other than just its own franchisees and therefore formed its own foundation.

    When it came to naming the foundation, the unanimous choice was to name it after the Founder Chairman of DTDC, Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation. Mr. Chakraborty is well-known for his humble and caring approach and commands huge respect among all DTDCians across the country. The foundation, which was formally inaugurated on 15th October 2011, already has more than 10,000 members.

    The foundation will focus on addressing fundamental issues faced by the society such as:

    • Right to education
    • Health and hospital services
    • Sewage system in villages
    • Build or donate to elder homes
    • Build or donate to orphanages
    • Build schools
    • Scholarships to meritorious as well as underprivileged students

    The foundation will be managed/ governed by the committee with equal representations from management, staff and franchisees. Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty has pledged to donate half his annual salary to the foundation. Mr. Suresh Bansal and Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Director and ED, respectively have also promised to contribute one quarter of their yearly remuneration to the foundation.

  • Go Green Initiative

    DTDC firmly believes that protection of Vasundhara (The Mother Earth) is its prime responsibility and supports global green revolution policy by taking various measures. DTDC, the family of 5400 plus franchisees and equal number of employees is growing every day. The Chairman announced the Go Green project on August 1, 2011 that involves a commitment to plant 11,000 trees every year. The Chairman and the Executive Director initiated this project on August 7 this year by planting seven plants in the premises of the Pune Regional office. Some of our key initiatives for this cause have been:

    - Adopt a Tree
    While planting a tree is important to help make the planet greener and cleaner for our future generation, saving the tree is equally important. Considering the challenge, the DTDC management has launched the “Adopt a Tree” program under the Go Green policy.

    - Energy Conservation
    Under the Go Green project, conservation of electricity is another critical initiative that has been undertaken. Monitored directly from the Chairman’s office, all DTDC offices practise energy conservation at their premises and in fleet vehicles, and reducing the overall carbon footprint of its operations through recycling.

  • Disaster Relief & Support

    DTDC has been quick to respond to any disaster and natural calamity that has struck India and actively extended its support by raising funds for the Prime Minister’s Relief funds and the Chief Minister’s Relief funds. DTDC raised funds to aid the people affected during the four major recent natural calamities that severely impacted different parts of India. They are:

    • The 1999 Orissa cyclone or Paradeep Cyclone that affected lakhs of people
    • A deadly earthquake in Kutch of Gujarat on January 26, 2001 that killed thousands of people and more than 400 students
    • The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake or Tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 in Chennai, Andaman & Nicobar
    • The most catastrophic floods in the history of Bihar in 2008

    Apart from raising the funds, a group of self motivated DTDCians formed the Cloth Bank to aid people affected by natural calamities with provision of clothes.

  • Women Empowerment

    DTDC is proud to employ more than 250 women in its core operation team in high pressure zones like Mumbai and Delhi. DTDC welcomes and encourages the positive trend in the increased participation of women in erstwhile male-dominated departments such as Operations. We also employ about 800 women employees across other departments of the company. The numbers of women franchisees have also grown up to 750 all over India. We actively promote women entrepreneurship and also have 30% representation from women on the DTDC Board of Directors.

    Furthermore, DTDC endeavours to support the socio-economic development of women in special zones like:

    • AWWA: The Army Wives Welfare Association is the wing developed by the Indian Army to support war widows by conducting for them various fund-raising activities and also providing entrepreneurship opportunities for them. DTDC, through its Delhi office, proactively approached the association and offered DTDC Franchising Opportunities to the war widows whose husbands have died fighting for the nation. We have established two such centres in the country at Delhi and Pune. DTDC salutes the spirit of these women!

    • Like the army, DTDC also has its share of heartbreaking stories. The untimely deaths of our franchisees, whose family solely depend on the income from DTDC, were an irreparable loss and devastating. But DTDC always comes forward for such families and widows and encourages them to take a charge of the situation with confidence and continue the same franchises. DTDC has such women franchisees in many parts of India including the remotest parts of states like Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. However, under our socio-economic development plan, DTDC also offers franchisees to women whose husbands are handicapped or disabled. Our women franchisees expressed their gratitude in their own words:

      • I am alive because of DTDC,” said Mrs. Santosh Tewari, a widow from remote Bahrachi town, U.P.

      • It’s because of DTDC that, like me, hundreds of widows are leading a life of dignity & pride.” said Mrs. Poonam Wallia, a widow from Lucknow.

      • My husband lost his eyes, but DTDC gave us thousand eyes,” said Mrs. Sudipta Mallik, Kolkata.

      • My experience with DTDC has taught me that if you work sincerely and with dedication, your family enjoys the goodwill and that your goodwill is the biggest wealth you can pass on to the next generation,” said Mrs. Beena Cheriyan, a widow from Mumbai

  • Education & Child Related Activities

    As an organization and under our corporate service responsibility, we undertake and associate ourselves with many projects to educate underprivileged children and to help the needy. We have many models through which we raise funds for these activities. We have been directly associated with:

    • Round Table India: Bangalore Chapter Round Table India is one of the country's premier service organizations. Round Table India members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to help and educate underprivileged children.

    • Shri Sant Dyaneshwar School is a school in a remote and tribal village of Borsar, Madhya Pradesh that is in its fifth year of operation of providing free education to the children of farm labourers and children of the tribes living in absolute poverty. The school, which runs from play group to the seventh standard, has 218 children, 11 teaching and non-teaching staffs. DTDC is actively involved in this project and extends its financial support as well.

    • Other Activities include many other areas of child development. In its annual program, DTDC observed and identified the institutes and organizations working for the needy and children with disabilities. We extend our support to the following institutes:

      • Sri Rakum School for the blind which was opened in June 1998 in Bangalore. The school was founded for children born blind or visually impaired. Coming from families below the poverty line, these children are shunned, denied a childhood and the opportunities to grow into normal adults.

      • Dreamz: This organization is a home for homeless street children in Mumbai that works for their rehabilitation.

      • Orphanage in Ludhiana: Child care centre for abandoned children.

  • Old Age People

    The SSC Foundation is successfully running an "SSCF Elderly Home" for elderly homeless people at Nagarbhavi, Bangalore. This was officially inaugurated during the first week of July 2018. The SSCF Elderly Home is taking care of over 50 Senior citizens and children.

Details of Projects / Donations / Financial Help Made

  1. SSRDPL (Division of Art Of Living)-Amount paid towards Solar Electricity Facility for Kanneri village in Karnataka
  2. Unnati Foundation (NGO which works for imparting training to unemployed youth)
  3. RKMVCC (Donation of Microscope for Botan Lab to help PG Students)
  4. St. Gyaneswar (Educational development of lesser privileged children in Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Lysosomal Storage Disorder Support Society
  6. World Vision (Adoption of 1+ 25 children for their education)
  7. We With u (Donation to treat Cancer patients)
  8. Coimbatore Orphanage.
  9. Financial Assistance to HUD HUD Cyclone affected Personnel, Vizag (Franchisees & Employees)
  10. Care of Needy children Rightfully Nutured, Siliguri.
  11. Go Sports Foundation
  12. Nai Disha (An initiative of SSCF to impart professional training to lesser privileged people for employment opportunities.
  13. Expenses for Chennai Flood Reief.
  14. SSCF BILASPUR TRAING CENTRe for underpriviliged persons.