GST - Frequently Asked Questions (Vendor)

1. What are the requirements for vendors or DTDC group with respect to GST?

The following are the requirements of all vendors of the DTDC group based in India:

  • Provide information on GST registration
  • Note change in Terms and conditions of contracts/ agreements with any DTDC group entity
  • Ensure Invoicing and any other GST related compliance
2. Is it compulsory to provide GST registration details?

Yes – for all registered vendors it is compulsory to provide GST details. This will allow DTDC group to avail Input Tax Credit as per GST law. Please send the information to in excel or format below to [email protected]

For unregistered vendors; please send a declaration to [email protected]

Master Details Vendor legal entity name: Vendor PAN no. : DTDC Company to which services are provided: DTDC vendor code:
Registration details (insert as many rows as needed)
No. State code Principal address GSTIN
3. Is it necessary to provide HSN/SAC codes ?

For ease of processing your invoice and avoiding issues I classification of services and products with respect to tax rates - it is recommended that you share the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) and/ or Service Accounting Code (SAC) details along with general description of goods and/ or services as per format below along with your registration details to [email protected]

Master Details Vendor legal entity name: DTDC Company to which services are provided: DTDC vendor code:
HSN/SAC information
No. HSN/SAC Code Product/service description Remarks
4. What are the changes in the contract with DTDC to ensure better working relationship?

Change in Terms and Conditions of contracts, agreements with DTDC Group companies in India -

  • Under the GST legislation, input tax credit of the tax so charged by the vendor is available to DTDC only upon completion of certain actions/compliances by the you such as payment of appropriate tax by you (so collected from DTDC) to the Government (vide cash or utilisation of its input tax credit) and also filing of his prescribed return.
  • DTDC shall pay the amount of tax charged by you only after the credit is reflected on the GSTN portal or alternatively, if the amount of tax paid by DTDC to vendor is not reflected on the portal, the same shall be adjusted from any subsequent payments that DTDC is liable to pay to you.
  • In case you have opted for GST composition scheme, composition GST cannot be charged to DTDC i.e. no GST tax should be billed to DTDC
  • Where the agreements are entered with DTDC Group company before the effective GST date, and are ‘Inclusive of taxes’, in such cases, you must issue tax invoices showing appropriate taxes separately.
5. Are there any requirements related to invoicing to DTDC ?

All vendors will need to follow the following rules with respect to Invoicing

  • Vendors will need to raise GST compliant invoices with all information specified in the GST invoice rules.
  • All vendors will raise GST compliant invoicing within 10 days of month end or provision of service.
  • All invoices, debit notes and credit notes should be sent to DTDC promptly and in no case beyond 7/14 days from the date of the document. Please obtain acknowledgement for invoices submitted to avoid disputes.
  • Wherever domestic reverse charge provisions are applicable, contracts with vendors should clearly state that no tax should be charged to DTDC.
6. Are there any requirements related to invoicing to DTDC ?

In case you need and advance payment then you need to send us an advance receipt whose format is available here

7. How can I get the GSTIN nos of DTDC group companies ?

All GSTIN registrations are available on DTDC website. Click here