Service Guide

At DTDC, we believe that safe, secure and timely service is what makes DTDC a leading Express, Distribution & Logistics company in India. DTDC offers a combination of Premium Express Services, Logistics and Warehousing Services and International Express and Cargo Services.

Conforming to our mantra 'Delivering Value', the company offers innovative and superior services worldwide. DTDC also provides a variety of customized solutions, with an eye on its customers' distinct requirements.

In the words of our Chairman and Managing Director Subhasish Chakraborty: "Our position of strength has increased and multiplied our customer base, across individuals and the corporate domain. When we think of tomorrow at DTDC, I believe, that with our growing investments in technology space, our human capital, our innovative product line, our new generation ideas for customer delight, our objectives are more than clear."

Products & Services

Read on for the range of DTDC's line of services.
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Conditions of Carriage

DTDC showcases exclusive features that endorse its brand and positioning... Read More »

Location Finder

Location Finder provides you with information of DTDC stores.
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Price & Time Finder

To get the estimated price of a shipment anywhere in the world fill in the collection and delivery countries and select the type of package.
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Promotional Offers

DTDC has several promotional offers available for various products, at any point in time.
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Risk Surcharge

It is a provision from the company for the benefit of the customer to protect against the transit risks when the goods are not insured by consignor.
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Fuel Surcharge

Due to recent exorbitant hike in fuel charges, freight charges by various Airlines...
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Volumetric Weight

The value of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space it occupies during distribution, rather than the actual weight which is known as volumetric (or dimensional) weight.
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Restricted and Banned Items

Commodities, which possess potentially hazardous characteristics.
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